Award Winning Animator & Artist

Esteban Valdez is a classically trained animator and artist originally from Boston, Massachusetts.  He attended the Art Institute of Boston (at Lesley University) for animation and the Boston Architectural Center for Industrial Design in 2002.

He spent over a decade globe-trotting from production to production, country to country where he worked as a Senior Animator and Animation Director for hit shows such as Ugly Americans (Comedy Central) and Three Delivery (Nickelodeon).

In 2009, with the help and mentorship from producers Lynne Southerland and Jill Gilbert, Esteban wrote and directed his first short film “A Lonely Road” winning the Official Selection award at the Boston International Film Festival.

After much demand for his artistic vision and styling, Esteban founded animation studio Echo Bridge Pictures in 2010 in St Petersburg, Florida.  Under his leadership and direction, Echo Bridge has produced animation for hit shows such as Chozen (FX), Axe Cop, Golan The Insatiable and High School USA (FOX), and for world renowned agencies McKinney and Edelman, and currently producing and direction animation for “Hustlers Convention” for legendary Rap artists Chuck D and Ice T.