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Esteban Valdez is an award-winning Director & Producer working in St Petersburg, Florida.

I'm an award-winning Director/Producer with 20 years of experience in commercials, music videos and television and short format content. Founder of 2D animation studio, Echo Bridge located in St Pete, Florida. Kubrick film fan and a coffee addict.

Originally from Boston Massachusetts. Born and raised, I attended school at Lesley University to study animation. It’s where I really got my career start doing small commercials, online and music videos for small agencies in the city.  Massachusetts is still very near and dear to me, even though I haven’t been there in some time. Even though I haven’t been here in Florida as long, it’s become my new home and I’m very proud of that.

I’m an animator and a business owner. My job is to help people express an idea, story or message to their audience. Whether that’s to sell them on a car, medical policy, educational programs, help them tell a moving story, or a way to help others see another side of the coin. So as an animation studio, our job is to help you bring an idea to life and make it look as appealing and entertaining as possible. It’s your voice, you want to be well spoken.

Professionally, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. But you could say that this is something I’ve spent my entire life doing. Since I was a child, I’ve been observing and drawing my reflective ideas to page. Even as a kid, I would find ways to express ideas and gather others to take part in the message. Yes, I’ve gone to school to learn some of the tools of the trade, though, I think the reality of it all is that it’s been something I’ve been doing since I could learn how to hold a pencil.

The artist end of my career was through trial and error with a bit of education from Lesley University. The entrepreneurial side of my career has been mostly trial and error. And there have been lots of errors…

For me, art is a very subtle and very powerful medium. It has the ability to reach many people and when done properly and authentically; it can cross borders and language barriers. Because of that, we can communicate ideas, thoughts, morals and values and make statements about what it is we truly belief in. It’s a psychological and very philosophical tool and we have a responsibility to make work and those who view it. We can tell where society is based on the art that’s being produced. I believe we need more art in order to help us understand ourselves and to help make improve the lives of others just a little bit more. We are, after all, making mental and emotional solutions and resources for people and I want to make a quality product which will help.

Echo Bridge is the manifestation of those ideals and since its establishment in 2010, we’ve been providing animation services for people worldwide. Some folks ask what Echo Bridge stands for, and why it’s called so. It’s actually the name of the street that my parent’s use to live off of and when I was a kid, I would spend a lot of time at the kitchen table drawing and dreaming. In my earlier years as a young and ambitious animator, I would end up having to jump from city to city, state to state and country to country and after a good decade of bouncing around, I realized I didn’t have much in the way of roots and so when finally coming to Florida, Echo Bridge became a new home not just for me, but for other artists and animators too.

At the moment, we’re in the process of working on our first theatrical short film. It’s a 15 minute animated short film called “Ambition” and it’s about a young entrepreneur willing to do whatever it takes to become successful but that in the pursuit of his dreams, he loses those around him to the point where he’s even lost himself in the process. It’s a story about how sometimes we chase after the things we want in life but that they’re not the things you need. It’s a big undertaking because of the level of artistry we’re putting into it and we’re hoping to have it completed by 2020. The film will be the first of 10 theatrical feature films we’ll be producing in the near future. Our aim is to become the American version of Studio Ghibli. Self sustaining and making the best work we can, while we can.




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