Animator. Director. Producer.

For The Better

I've had this site since 2008. At first, it was a personal portfolio platform hosting my artwork and CV.  Could have used places such as Deviant Art or blogspot. An amateur move. I wanted to stand out. Be a cut above the rest. What we do for employment... Now we don't bother. It's all LinkedIn and Facebook connections.  Rarely does anyone email or phone call.

For the better I suppose.

But like many other places, these sites become abandoned. Messages in bottles floating the ocean of the internet.

Aside from this website taking a new turn, so has my life. A new beginning... Rather... Revisiting what was. I'm not entirely sure where this site - or my life - is going, what it will become, but hopefully... With time... It will become clear. It will become authentic. 

For the better... I suppose.