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Life, fully lived.


I was born to Carlos and Connie in 1981, in Boston Massachusetts. I attended Lesley University in 1999, dropped out, and began my career as a professional artist and animator working in small agencies and animation studios from New York to Toronto, since 2000.

In 2008, I founded the animation production company, Echo Bridge in St Petersburg, Florida. Through Echo Bridge, I’ve helped hundreds of young artists and animators get their start in the world of animation, I’ve spoken to thousands of students across the United States and Canada regarding the craft that is animation, and continues to this day to encourage and enlighten a new generation of artists.

In my spare time, I love to read about Philosophy, Film and Animation history, going to the movies, writing short stories and playing bass. I have lived, worked, and traveled to many places in the United States, Canada and Europe; been married a handful of times; have a daughter and two nephews who I love dearly, and some incredible siblings that I call my best friends. If it was my time, I can honestly say that I have lived a full and happy life.



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Addy Awards
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Amazon Studios
Comedy Central